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Why full house owners choose to buy from us ?

Why full house owners choose to buy from us ?


Many people will have a distressing problem that if they choose a furniture manufacturer, they are worried about the expensive purchase and the poor quality. This is believed to be a problem for many furniture newbies.


In this case, as a furniture manufacturer, why are we confident that customers can choose us without worry?


This is one of our American customers. They found us in March 2022 and inquired about a sofa set on Alibaba. Ekar is an eight-year-old store, and the factory has been in operation for 21 years.He think our designs are very good, and the factory looks very standardized.

The customer gave us his contact information on whatsapp,later we got to know that customer purchased for his own new home, the house has been finished, just wait for the furniture.


During the chat, customers liked our furniture very much, both in style and quality, but when it comes to the price, the customer was a little hesitant, because our price was too high, customer budget is limited, later we took time to recommend products according to the customer's budget, our company has 8 different series in our factory, including Neo Classic , French Style , Italy Style, British Style ,Baroque Style and Modern Collection etc .

So you dont need to worry that our style is single or the prices are very high, different styles of furniture will not share the same prices !

Besides, our factory has mature workshops and experienced workers who can escort our orders ! Design team, engineering department, project department, accounting department, etc.


After a comparison with few suppliers in 3 months, finally the customer chose us and the product that he liked , he was very happy. Our company has thousands of different products, both classical and modern, with different budgets, to meet the needs of different customers !


So, back to the original question, why choose us?

Because by choosing us, you can avoid detours, we provide one-stop service to help all customers solve many headaches, We are the original factory, we can give the best price, we can help customers with transportation, and can reduce customers' taxes and fees.


No matter where you are from, we can help you for your new house or your residential projects , contact with us , to get more details !

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