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Mid-Autumn Festival

Admire the full moon

Eat moon cake

Admire lanterns
According to the Chinese calendar, the lunar calendar in August in the middle of autumn, autumn for second months, called "mid autumn".
Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early Tang Dynasty, popular in the Song Dynasty, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has become the Spring Festival with one of the traditional Chinese festivals. By the influence of Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival of some countries in East and Southeast Asia, especially the local Chinese and overseas Chinese.
Mid-Autumn Festival since ancient times will have to worship, full moon, worship the moon, eat moon cakes, tours osmanthus, drink osmanthus wine and other customs, spread so far, endless. Mid-Autumn Festival to the moon on the round of the reunion, as the idea of ​​hometown, miss loved ones, pray for harvest, happiness, become rich and colorful, precious cultural heritage. Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival and known as the four traditional Chinese festivals.



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